Contemporary Realism anno 2016 – Exhibition Zandvoort Museum

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This exhibition wants to display a wide overview of contemporary realism. The exhibition curated by Mr. René De Vreugd of “Gallery De Vreugd & Hendriks” will be opened on Friday, September 30th at 16 h. by Mr. Fredrick W. Baerveldt certified art and antiques appraiser, auctioneer in Hilversum (also known from the AVRO TV-show “Cash in the Attic “).

The exhibition is very diverse and will exhibit paintings, sculptures and drawings by twenty contemporary realists. Four of Stefaans’ still lives will be on show. During the opening, most artists will be present, Stefaan also.

The Zandvoort museum is located right in the center of the town, opposite the public entrance to the town hall. Nearby are plenty of parkings. It will run until November 13th.


Times they are a changing …

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The end of summer, probably too early for an annual review but nevertheless it feels like a watershed this year. As of 2008 the financial crisis has driven the art scene into a new ice age for a few years; many established galleries vanished, art fairs were called off, sales came under heavy pressure … Just like the dinosaurs, high-threshold galleries and old school dealers seemed to have difficulties to adapt to the changing environment. In renowned art centers such as London’s Mayfair, galleries were almost entirely swept away by Gucci, Prada, A&F and other luxury brands … But as the famous Ian Malcolm quote from Jurassic Park says: “(Art-) Life will find a way”!

For myself and many of my colleagues, it took a while to realize that this was not a crisis like the previous ones. Fortunately artists are tough and flexible, accustomed to deal with uncertainty and doubt. In the solitude of our studios we work steadily and stubbornly, not burdened by skyrocketing rents and representation expenses. The artistic landscape has forever changed and once you realize this, you’ll discover new pathways.

Since we first organized the annual “Open Studio Weekends” in 2012, the number of visitors and general interest have increased every year. Through the website, the newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. … friends, clients and interested followers remain well informed. My valued trusted galleries are still exhibiting my work and there is room for new and less obvious initiatives and crossover projects.

2016 is already an exceptional year, one to remember. At the end of September when the last few paintings will leave for an exhibition in the Netherlands, the walls of my studio will be nearly empty. It’s been since way before 2008 that this type of “total sell out” experience happened to me.

Of course this is not an endpoint, rather the contrary. Besides the comfort and confirmation that an artist desperately needs, much like everyone else, it also creates momentum and drive. The walls are empty … room for new creations, surprising (re-) discoveries, refreshing experiments … I’m looking forward to an exciting 2017, more on this will follow later …

Dear friends, trusted and new clients, patrons and art lovers, gallery owners and dealers … everyone … thanks again very much for your continued support


Antique French pottery

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This weekend I visited the monthly ‘Brocante’ near the Valentré bridge in Cahors. As usual monsieur Pouget and his mother were present with their collection of antique pottery. It rarely happens that I walk past their booth or visit their shop without finding anything to my liking. Philippe specializes in antique pottery of southern France. Not the cheap imitations that you can find anywhere, but unique pieces from the period such as oil jars, confit pots, pitchers that were carried on the head by housewives returning from the village well, etc. And it’s always a pleasure to talk with him and learn what pitchers were used where and what for. The large green-glazed pitcher will soon appear in one of my still life paintings …

Underpainting ship model and nautilus

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Currently working on this composition in matching tones. It’s oil on canvas, 92/73 cm. 30F (36,2/28,7 in.).


Latest still lifes with plums

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I just finished these two still life paintings with plums. They will be the last ones of this season.

Article International Artist Magazine August/September

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Last January I was asked by the managing editor of “International Artist Magazine” to create an article with them. Especially for this article I painted and photographed the process of “Still life with pumpkins”. The article has just been published in the August / September issue of IAM. I am extremely proud and grateful to the editors of the magazine for it has become a beautiful 10 page article and the painting even made the cover!

To purchase the magazine, contact an international magazine shop in your neighborhood or buy through the magazine’s website in the USA or WH Smith Stores in the UK.

Open Studio Days 2014

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This year was the third edition of the open studio days of Stefaan at “‘l Ancien Presbytère de Troniac” and the busiest so far. It was a most international crowd that visited the exhibition; Belgians, French, Dutch, Irish, English, Germans, … even Australians!
Dany and I want to thank the numerous visitors and buyers. Thanks to this success a fourth edition in 2015 is ensured.


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