Stages in the painting

After setting up the still life, I usually make a small sketch on paper to control the composition. Once I feel happy with it, I transfer the drawing to my panel or canvas. I use self primed panels and smooth oil primed canvases (Flemish linen). The actual painting then follows in three phases (occasionally four).


Phase 1: The first layer is painted quickly, only diluted with turpentine. I paint it in colour, but some painters prefer to do this in “grisaille”. The layer is thin and dries within a few days.


Phase 2: This second layer involves more paint, diluted with a self prepared oil/resin medium. In this stage the painting acquires more colour, depth and substance.


Phase 3: During this phase I use small amounts of paint, diluted with a self prepared standoil/turpentine medium. These glazes deepen the colours, add more depth and enrich the painting in general.




~ by Stefaan Eyckmans on April 25, 2009.

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