Cloud studies

This morning I was talking to my friend Beth, an American artist in Waterloo (B), about speed in painting. But I believe speed is not the real issue. I often notice, also with colleagues, there’s sometimes a certain threshold to overcome. Once I start painting, the world around me disappears and painting is usually fast and fluent. But I have to get started 🙂

On days my avidity to start painting is rather low, I rely on a combination of discipline, routine, rituals, and … eventually some tricks. One of these tricks is to start a small, quick cloud study on any surface within my reach (a small panel, a piece of paper or canvas). This shouldn’t take more then 30 minutes and after that, I continue work on the canvas as planned.

I scanned some of the studies and attached them to this post.


~ by Stefaan Eyckmans on May 26, 2009.

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