Quinces; forgotten treasures.

Late September in Saux, my neighbour Catherine invited me to have a look at the prolific quince trees in her orchard. I just love these fruits, not only for their abundant perfume and the delicious jam they deliver, but also for their use in my paintings. Ever since I laid eyes on these irregularly shaped fruits, many years ago, they frequently reappear in my compositions. I’m delighted to find so many of these trees in old gardens and even in the wild here in France. These fruits are much more interesting to paint then the carefully picked and regularly shaped examples I used to buy at the greengrocer’s in Belgium.

 The pictures below show the canvas and set-up with quinces I’m currently painting.


~ by Stefaan Eyckmans on October 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Quinces; forgotten treasures.”

  1. This remainds me of Antonio López García, who also loves quinces.
    If you haven’t seen the movie “El membrillo del Sol” (1992) yet, I can strongly recommend it to you. It’s about Mr García painting the quince tree in his garden. Quite an intense story which has left a huge impression on me.

  2. […] Ausgerechnet Quitten 03 Oktober gruebeley Vor ein paar Tagen entdeckte und pflückte ich ein paar Quitten, zum ersten Mal in meinem Leben. Sie kamen mir so bekannt vor von den Stillleben einiger Künstler. Stillleben mit Quitten und Portflaschen, 59 x 99 cm, Öl auf Leinwand (Stefaan Eyckmans) […]

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