“Pumpkins and walnut oil jar”

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“Pumpkins and walnut oil jar” oil/panel 75/0 cm. 2014

preliminary sketches

preliminary sketches

drawing and model

drawing and model


Photorealism versus Classical realism

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It sometimes happens that a visitor or critic calls me a photo realist. Because I do not completely agree with this, I have written an article a few years ago about my reservations. An Irish friend recently sent me some pictures of photorealistic paintings that really impressed him, mainly blow-up’s of portraits. Following this, I found and dusted off the article and now publish a brief English version of it on my weblog.

As a young artist I was very impressed by some American photo realists also. Mainly because they came from the same advertising and illustration background like me. However, as more and more I chose the path of classical realism, my reservations grew about this genre.

My main criticism is that these painters start from a picture and not a live example or model. So they already lose one dimension and a lot of information by starting from a two-dimensional image. Although enlarged, the artist blindly imitates the picture. Often he also copies the flaws of depth and reflections in the process. The painter captures emotionless and makes an exact copy … such as a camera does. Why not just enlarge the original photo?

"Apples and walnut oil pitcher", framed

The paintings often are huge blow-ups, a freckle is as big as a ping pong ball and the pupil of an eye the size of a football. This allows the artist to almost infinitely work on the details. If one looks at pictures of these paintings on screen or in a book, so again reduced, they seem terribly realistic.

As it is not easy to retain the correct proportions on this large scale and to precisely take over all details, these artists often use, if not always, projectors to create their drawing. To me, this feels a bit like cheating the lot.

It is not my intention here to condemn the photorealistic style. I just want to explain why I do not like that my paintings are being referred to as photorealism. Working from model often leaves a more poetic and personal approach than the hardness of a camera lens. It is classical realism, yes, but not an exact copy of reality. I want to illustrate this by the accompanying photos of both setups and paintings in my studio. In response to one of these photos a friend recently made ​​this remark:”You hit the philosophers with despair Stefaan, the image is more beautiful than reality”!

truffle jar setup

New paintings on the website

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Two new paintings have been added to the website

Open Studio 2013

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Fol­low­ing last years’ suc­cess and wel­comed by the mayor of Saux and the tourism office of Montcuq, we decided to re-​organize two open stu­dio week­ends this year. They took place the sec­ond and third week­end of July: 13 – 14 and 20 – 21 July 2013.

Truffle market Lalbenque

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Today we went to the truffle market in Lalbenque, south of Cahors. Around 2 pm. the sellers arrive and exhibit their baskets behind the rope. It’s fascinating to see the trade going on, secret negotiations in advance, famous chefs judging the aroma, … At 2.30 pm. the rope is dropped and deals are made. It’s worth the visit

In advance you can go to a restaurant on the market to have an “omelette aux truffes”. But be warned, the one we selected (Le Vieux Lion) was no good at all. The omelette tasted like … eggs, no truffles at all 😦 


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New work in studio

“Potirons”  oil/panel  85/90 cm.  2012

pompoenen en brood

Art, Culture & Cuisine invitation

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Early December I’ll be participating in the “Art, Culture & Cuisine” event at the “Groot Ruwiel” country estate in Breukelen near Amsterdam (Netherlands). It’s an exclusive event with a limited number of participants in the lovely Dutch countryside. Other participants include new and antique silver, tableware, jewelry, vintage costume and delicacies.

Saturday 1 & Sunday 2 December, 11-17 h.
Landgoed Groot Ruwiel, Oud Aa 34a, Breukelen (Nl)

If you would like an invitation, please contact me at info@stefaaneyckmans.com


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