Recommended reading

Max Doerner, The Materials of the Artist and Their Use in Painting: With Notes on the Techniques of the Old Masters


Actually, this is something like the Bible for painters. Although some colleagues criticise some inaccuracies in it, this source remains one of the most valuable reference books for painters.

Russian Landscape


This catalogue accompanied the spectacular exhibition at the National Gallery London in 2004. The exhibition was a true revelation to me and I cherish the catalogue.

Johannes Vermeer: A View of Delft (Anthony Bailey)

The fascinating biography of Johannes Vermeer. This well written book also throws a clear light on the 17th century art world in The Netherlands and the circumstances Vermeer had to work in.

Still Life (Taschen – Robert Schneider, 1994)

About how still lifes reflect the habits, thoughts and aspirations of art patrons in the early modern period. With many beautiful photos and illustrations.

Landscape Painting (Birge Harrison, 1909)

 birge harrison

Originally published in 1909 but recent reprint (2008) is available. This book has been a standard text in many art schools for almost 100 years.

Carlsons guide to landscape painting (J.F. Carlson, 1973)


Andrew Wyeth (1995)

andrew wyeth

 Autobiography with an introduction by Thomas Hoving.

Jan Davidsz de Heem and his circle (Sam Segal, 1991)

de heem

 Willem Roelofs 1822-1897, Breath of nature (Marjan van Heteren,2006)




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